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Larry Johnson
Mesquite, Texas

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Music History:

I have a degree in Music Education. I began my music career in an old-time circus band. I studied under a college instructor who had played briefly under Sousa and later led an army band in the Pacific, reporting directly to Douglas MacArthur.

I went into the army after graduation as a commissioned officer and commanded a company to which an army band was attached. I worked closely with this band. I taught history and was a high school band director in Commache, Okla. and Edgewood, TX., for a total of three years.

I joined the Town North Concert Band in 1974. Since leaving the teaching field I have conducted two community bands and two church orchestras for 12 years. Currently I am directing two different adult bands, play in two others, and work part-time as a private music teacher in two school districts.

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