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Shirley Alexander
May 12, 1934 - November 19, 2017

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Music History:

I was born and raised in Greeley, Colorado where the University of Northern Colorado is located. I started playing clarinet at age10 in school, and was very fortunate that my parents sent me to the university for instruction. I played in the college band from about age 15, and received so much experience being around the professors and students at college. I received my degree in music and education from UNC. I played for a while in Denver in a symphony until I moved to California.

Due to my young family I was unable to play for about 10 years. When I moved to Dallas, I immediately started with Town North, the Garland Symphony, Bravura Band and Metropolitan Winds. I now play in 5 bands total, and plan on playing until I fall out of the chair.

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