Frank Bray
Dallas, Texas

Music History:

In Lubbock, TX., I played cornet 3 years at J.T. Hutchinson Jr. Hi. and 3 years in the Monterey Sr. High Band. I played trumpet one year in high school orchestra as well, and played in the Texas All-State Band and Orchestra in 1957 and 1958. I played 4 years at Texas Tech University in the "Goin' Band from Raiderland", as well as in the ROTC Band. I put my horns away in 1962 after graduation, until I joined the New Horizons Band in Feb. 2005.

When I retired, one of my goals was to learn to play trumpet again. I sounded so bad when I tried to play, I felt it was useless. Besides, I did not have a group to look forward to playing with. The New Horizons Band gave me the opportunity to play music with a group of my peers that didn't seem to mind the squeaks and missed notes as I am trying to get the ol' lips back in shape and the fingers limbered up. This was the incentive to get me to practice again.

Now I play in five bands: New Horizons Band Dallas, UpSwing Jazz Band, Richardson Community Band, Town North Concert Band, and the DixieSwing Dixieland Band.

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